Presale Address


Lets break this down and keep it simple! Send a minimum contribution of 0.5+ SOL to the presale address above, make sure to verify the address before sending any Solana, as we will not be held responsible for losses!

50% of supply will be allocated for the Presale
0.5 Solana Minimum Contribution
Presale address: CdC81VmatJ3JQpm7DZQ1zNguMmWZt8kFKe7DAKHNuUH2

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Participants will have to contribute a minimum of 1 Solana to our official presale address located below as the minimum entry to participate in our custom Metascape BMW X4M giveaway or receive the alternative $55,000 cash prize if outside the European zone.

Presale address: CdC81VmatJ3JQpm7DZQ1zNguMmWZt8kFKe7DAKHNuUH2

The winner will be announced live 10 minutes prior to launch on our official telegram! Pull up those socks because we’re just getting started!
Make sure to look out for all updates located on our official telegram and twitter!